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Africa Reframed employs and collaborates with a diverse group of image makers, from emerging artists to the most established talents in their fields. Projects include editorial and advertising assignments as well as longer-term independent projects in film, photography and other media. We aim to serve a wide range of clients from Enterprises to NGOs.




Africa Reframed’s Exhibitions are developed in collaboration with cultural and commercial partners. The exhibitions offers insight into a versatile and creative continent, which is full of surprises and quite different from the Africa most often portrayed in the media. Our curatorial strategy aims to create high quality exhibitions that stimulate social and cultural dialogue in collaboration with high profile partners, ensuring international audiences the opportunity to engage with new work from powerful African art scenes on the rise. 


Workshops and Education

Africa Reframed offers a number of individually designed workshops across Sub-Sahara Africa. The workshops teach local photographers how to produce images that can answer to the demands of the international market, giving them opportunity to expand their market reach. A unique feature with our workshops is the ability to connect participating photographers to our Image Bank offering a direct way to generate revenue.